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5 of the Most Stressful and Dangerous Jobs in Kenya.

When choosing a job, most of us will look at how much it pays, and how prestigious it is. Few will consider just how strenuous the job is, and how dangerous it can even be. Here are some of the six most stressful and dangerous jobs in Kenya. Some might come as a surprise, since they are considered very high paying.

1. Doctor/Nurse/Clinical Officer.
Being a doctor or a nurse, and working in a hospital, can present many challenges. Consider someone who works at Mathari mental hospital for example. The daily stress they encumber could make a doctor become the patient herself, and even result to alcohol or drugs to cope with the stress. Or perhaps more stressing is having to break news of the death of a patient that was under your care. What’s more, you are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning that even if you are having vacation time with your family, you
could be called upon for emergency anytime. It’s no wonder that many say that you really need to have a calling to excel in the medical profession, and not just go into it for money alone. For those that work in government hospitals, the pay may not be commensurate with all the hard work they put in.  

2. Police Officers.

Police officers put their life on the line everyday, knowing that they might face off with a dangerous criminal anytime. They are constantly on the alert for any security outbreak, and the public always expects to be protected, never mind that the police officers are not some kind of machines, but rather, our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers.
3. Kindergarten teachers.
Love handling children? Then you are probably aware of how much stress they could cause, especially if you get a few naughty ones. However, it’s unfortunate that they receive some of the lowest salaries, especially for those employed in the low end private schools.

3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

Though pilots are often financially compensated for the inherent dangers and responsibilities of their jobs, no amount of money can change the fact that it's a very stressful job.

4. Structural iron and steel workers

Structural iron and steel workers install iron or steel beams and use cranes to lift said beams. Ironworkers have one of the highest rates of injuries of all occupations, according to the Labor statistics in Kenya.

5. Helpers, construction trades

Construction laborers and helpers do physically demanding work, and have one of the highest rates of injuries. They clean and prepare construction sites, dig trenches, build scaffolding and operate construction equipment. Not for the faint of heart.

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