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A check list for selecting a Great Career.

While we all choose careers for different reasons, here is a check list to help you navigate the difficult process of choosing the right career, and eventually finding the right job. Some guidelines on the checklist will apply to some careers, but we believ all ar worthy to be considered.

1. Salary and Allowances.
What is the median salary of the career you want to select? What is the average salary for those starting out, at the middle of the career, and those in the top ranks of your career?

2. Work Life Balance.
Even though you are likely to work hard in all jobs, some jobs exert too much pressure eon you, thus making you neglect other parts of your career. For example, jobs in the medical profession or in the media are likely to keep you long hours away from your family and friends, and may even make you turn to harmful ways to cope. In a blog post on why he quit the media, former KTN sports news anchor Saddique Shaban says the
culture in most newsrooms is ‘toxic’, and makes many media personalities turn to the very substances they condemn society for using; alcohol, drugs, and illicit sex.

3. Talents and Passion.  
If you choose a career that is aligned to your talents and passion, then you can rise faster, since you are likely to shine in your work. It could make the difference between you waking up and looking cheerful as you had to the office, or dreading every time the weekday morning alarm goes off.

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