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High School drop out sells website for one billion dollars.

David Karp, who dropped from high school not too long ago, has sold his website, tumblr, to Yahoo for 1.1 billion dollars. The micro blogging website, which contains millions of blogs, was created by Karp in 2007. Yahoo plans to use the website to enter into the ‘cool’ social media platform, which Facebook, Twitter and to some extent Google have had a field day.

The 26 year old follows in the footsteps of other famous drop outs like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve
Jobs (Apple), and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook.). However, while the likes of gates dropped out of college, David Karp is even more sensational for dropping out of high school to pursue his ambitions. However, just in case you think of dropping out like Karp, he is the exception, rather than the norm.

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  1. When Karp wanted to drop ,he was probably told too that the likes of Steve Jobs,Bill Gates and Richard Branson were of exception rather than the norm but he nonetheless went to pursue his ambition.