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How Generation Ys can succeed at their Careers.

Generation Y- those born in the 1980s and 1990s, have been called all sorts of names; greedy, uncultured, lacks patience, an instant generation and such like terms. However, part of the reason is that the older generation of managers do not know how to manage this new cadre of workers, who want to come to work with jeans, and wear headphones, and be constantly chatting on their smart phones. Here are three ways you can easily manage this generation:

1. Provide meaning for the job. 
Make the work meaningful, beyond the salary. How does the job connect the with Gen Y aspirations, beliefs, and sense of fulfillment? For example, many Gen Ys want work that positively impacts the
community. Does your job help them reach these goals?

2. Be Open to channels of communication.
In an age of instant communication, Gen Y value feedback, and would like the organization to be more open, instead of letting the company information only reside with a few company gatekeepers.

3. Treat them as consultants, not employees.
Job hopping is the new norm. The average stay in a job is now less than five years, unlike previously where one would be the same employer for virtually all their lives. Just as employers are not loyal to employees, employees will also not be loyal to any on single employer. So, treat the employees more as consultants who sell their skills to the company, and might lave at a moment’s notice, rather than long term employees.

In the end, Generation Y workers value the same things that older workers value, a sense of meaning for their job, a job that builds their skills portfolio, and being able to communicate with the decision makers in the company effectively.

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