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How to choose a great company to work for.

We’ve all heard nice sounding jargons from Human Resource Managers on why their companies are the best to work for. However, here are the tale tell signs that will guide you in choosing a company to work for. Here they are:

1. How does the receptionist look?
Receptionists and secretaries are the window to the soul of the company. Do they look happy with their work? Do they look frustrated? If a company is truly committed to its employees, then receptionists and other junior workers must be treated with ultimate respect. The reason why receptionists and other
gatekeepers appear resentful, or even angry is because they feel they are not sharing in the company’s fortunes, despite them supposedly bringing more to the table.

2. Freebies offered.
Does the company offer free snacks, or break time tea, or lunch at subsidized rates? If it does, then most likely it will pay you well.

3. Work life balance?
In a world where the world of life and work is getting increasingly blurred, a golden employer will know how to separate the two. Of course, in some professions, like doctors, or reporters, one is on call for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, for other professions, generous leave times must be allowed.

4. How does it treat its women employees?
Does the company offer generous maternity leave? Does it make it convenient for working women with children to balance work and life conveniently? Chris Kirubi, a prominent entrepreneur, says that he often has to balance when working with women, since when he gives women maternity leave, the one who replaces them does the job so well that he ahs to retain both of them for the same position. How does the company balance these unique needs of women?

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