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5 Best internships in Kenya.

The Kenyatta administration has said that it will offer tax rebates to companies that offer internships to young Kenyan graduates that are just out of university. So, which are the Kenyan companies to intern at? Here are five of the best.

1. Bamburi
Want to get lots of experience plus a little pocket money on the side? Then Bamburi is no doubt the place to be. It also encourages female interns to apply, especially in the technical and engineering fields.

2. Google.
Google is known to offer generous monthly stipends, plus you get to go to work in jeans and T-shirts,
possibly even have your smartphones and earphones on as you work.

3. KPMG/ PWC/ Deloitte/ Ernst&Young.
The so called ‘big four accountancy firms’ will offer great skills and learning for anyone that wants to enter the general management field, or more specifically, the auditing world. What’s more, you get to put your foot in the door, as you would likely be a step ahead when applying for the annual graduate recruitment programs that the universities conduct.

4. UN/ World Vision/ Red Cross
Event though you may not be paid highly, it is likely that the ‘volunteering skills’ gained in such NGOs will be appreciated by many employers. Besides, you get a chance to travel to grassroots ‘mashinani’, and really be able to solve people’s problems, thus building your leadership skills. The contacts gained could be invaluable.

5.  Media Companies.
Top jobs in the media are rarely ever advertised. It’s either by recommendation, or by apprenticeship, i.e sitting down with a co-host/anchor who will introduce you to the fans and audience, thus building your brand slowly over time, and eventually taking ver whne your time comes.

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