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5 Jobs in which Shy People could Excel.

So, you keep to yourself, and are introverted. Small talk. Schmoozing. Networking. Buzz words like these can send shy people into a panic.
The good news is that there are careers out there that don't necessarily require tons of chit-chat or after-hour networking.
Then, these careers are likely to be the best fit for you.

1. Accountant.
Sitting behind a computer crunching numbers isn’t exactly going to endear you many people, it is? Striking small talk in the loos with fellow colleague from the marketing department will most likely be a
tough job, so, just stick to the number crunching.

2. Writer.
Yes, most writers are introverted. A writer has to think through, and literally be alone as they dissect words to come up with a good story or narrative. Also, writing is a way for most writers to let others into their world, where ordinarily talking wouldn’t do the trick.

3. Graphic Design
Design is a solitary process. You may need to be alone, and in coming with out of this world ideas takes time alone. The pay is great however, and will more than compensate for the loneliness.

4. Programmer.
Social skills and programmer are not words you would ordinarily use in the same sentence. Programmers, geeks tend to be awkward with social skills, as writing code can be an energy draining process.

5. Actuary/ Mathematician.
Pouring your eyes over spreadsheets and statistics are not the kind of jobs you do as you small talk with your colleague, is it? The pay is however great and will compensate for your loneliness. 

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