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Best and Worst careers to take a loan for.

Many university graduates dream of the day they’ll finally clear their Helb loans. Some students enrolled in the parallel degree program also take loans to finance their studies. So, which careers are the best, careers that promise a return on your investment? Which careers are the worst in which to take a loan against? Here are some of the careers we sampled. (Disclaimer: This is merely an opinion and not expert advice).


Advertising and marketing.
College grads going into advertising and marketing can pay off their loans in a few years. While not all marketing graduates will get top level pay, marketing majors can start working right after they’re done
earning their undergraduate degrees, allowing them to start paying down debt right away and giving them a greater chance to grow their incomes.

Economist/ Finance/ BCOM graduates
They make a business out of analyzing and predicting the direction of the bigger financial picture, but with a high median pay, economists and finance professionals also tend to fare well financially themselves, paying off their loans in a relatively good time. And with a minimum four years of college needed before they can start working, they can keep their education costs low.

Engineers can make a great income, if they land jobs fast. Many companies are hiring civil engineers, electrical engineers, and energy engineers, and the pay for such professions can be great. Because a master’s is not required for people entering the profession, engineers can use the below average college costs to their advantage.


Their patients may not be human, but veterinarians still need many years of schooling before they can begin treating pets and other animals. However, with the increasing adoption of pets by many Kenyans, veterinarians should see their fortunes improve with time.

Journalists can start digging up stories as soon as they’re out of school, but digging themselves out of debt could take longer to accomplish. With a median salary of a third of the average pay enjoyed by their counterparts in marketing, reporters could be paying student loans for years before they’re done.

Marriage and family therapist
Still, employment of marriage and family therapists is expected to grow, but the average salaries are also low. The major hindrance however is that the profession is not as tightly regulated as many others, thus this makes it hard for the genuinely trained counselors and family therapists to find work. However, on th upside, counseling is one of the fastest growing profession, as people get ore stressed in the fast paced life of today.

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