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Joint admissions board (JAB) to be disbanded.

The Joint admissions board- JAB, will be disbanded, as the Ministry of education has sought kshs.100 million to carry out reforms in the admissions body. Currently, JAB is responsible for admissions to all the country’s public universities and university colleges. JAB will now be replaced by the Kenya Universities Admissions and Placement board, which will also incorporate private universities, and admission of students through the self sponsored program, more commonly known as parallel degree program.

JAB had come under criticism for admitting students to courses they had not selected in the first place. This year, the admissions body changed the admission criteria, and incorporated a student’s overall mark, in addition to the weighted cluster points. This means that if two students both get As in all
subjects, but one has a higher average mark than the other, the one with the higher mark will be given preference. This is possibly a move to curb against grade inflation that has seen many more students get grade As, making admission to competitive courses such as Medicine, Law, and engineering particularly tricky.

In the 2012 KCSE class, the cut off point for admission to a public university regular course was 61 points (Grade B) for male students, and 59 points (Grade B-), for female students. Students from marginalized areas, and those with disabilities will be admitted to any course of their choice, so long as they get at least a C+. Moi University admitted the highest number of students for the 2012 class.

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  1. This was long overdue.JAB has watered down career aspirations of so many Kenyans, me included.The board must be disbanded forthwith.