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Opinion: Kenya’s university double-intake a complete mess.

By Mutai Eric: Standard newspaper:
The move by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Joint Admissions Board to admit to university two groups of candidates in the year 2011 was initially plausible, but just two years down the line; it has proved to a worse experiment on the 8-4-4 system.

What is the need of joining university a year earlier for only one academic year then go for more than one-year break?
This is exactly what is happening in our public universities, forcing one to take more than the stipulated years
to clear their studies.

Needless to say, this has also led to overstretching of already limited resources.
The lecture halls and halls of residence are over-crowded, and so are the catering services.
The lecturers have not been spared, they now have to work all year round - from lecturing, marking of exams and assessing their students on attachments - juggling all these at the same time and with minimal reward. The concept of double-intake has proved to be a complete mess.

A Commenter who agreed with Mutai had this to say:
I come from Moi University Main Campus. I hope journalists could come here and air our challenges. Over crowding is a big menace here. Students are treated like sacks of cereals. We are always transferred from Main Campus to West Campus or either Main Campus to Annex. The vice versa is true. Hostels are congested. More than four people lives in one room. I even doubt the quality of education we are being taught.

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  1. i hear pple are getting the wrong education..................y shld a person who has passed so well in her kcse get a course not so marketable in the society while a person who had a C+ get a very well paying job this should be checked on by the gvt we are suffering out hia us without money to pay for a parallel course