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The right keywords to use on your CV.

Getting a job is hard anywhere in the world the days. Despite all manner of advice we receive on how to get a job, there is simply no one way of getting a job. Stellar grades might work; powerful networks might work, so too is exemplary work and leadership skills. However, increasingly, the all important reason is that your CV doesn’t have the right keywords.

Companies’ nowadays automate the CV screening process by using specialized software to look for certain keywords. These applicant-tracking systems, which are used by almost every large employer, score candidates based on rough measures like the number of keyword matches between a job
description and a résumé. Employers could theoretically send candidates their scores..
The higher you score, the higher the chances of proceeding to the next stage of the interview. Which are the right keywords? Well, use words that fit the job description, and use action words, and words that display a lot of leadership skills.

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