10 ways to stand out in your job search.

1. Those who view the job search as a period of life to learn, share, grow and help others succeed more quickly, with greater fulfillment, and with more value… gain from the experience.

2. Without exception, people help people they like. Be likable. Help others without asking for anything in return. Say thank you. Follow up. Actively listen. Be present.

3. Own your weaknesses and failures as a leader and as a professional. All leaders have them, too.

4. We now live in a 2-degrees-of-separation world. Don’t burn bridges.

5. Take the high road. If you can’t say something nice about a former employer or co-worker, well, you know what to do.

6. Human beings have an incredible authenticity-filter/radar/antenna regardless of formal education/training/job. Be real.

7. We all want to be heard and respected. Listen first.

8. Your email says something about you. Retire the Hotmail account.

9. When interviewing, think of it as a conversation, not an interrogation. When appropriate, pause, think and reflect before responding.

10. Body language is 80 percent of how we’re heard and perceived, especially in an interview. Be cognizant of your facial expressions and what you’re doing with your arms and hands.

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