5 reasons why part time jobs could burn you out.

Yesterday, we talked about why you should take up part time jobs. However, here is the dowwnside to taking up many part time jobs.

1. You may overwork yourself. If you’ve ever worked multiple jobs before, you know that 20 hours at one job and 20 hours at another rarely equal 40 hours. Travel time, lunch breaks, and the expectation to be available after hours all add time to your day.

2. Both jobs (and your personal life) may suffer. Employers want to have workers they can turn to in a pinch for extra help on special projects or other tasks. If they know you’re working multiple jobs, they may not even consider you as an option, believing you’ll be too busy with or too tired from your other part-time
job. And due to your increased responsibility, you may not be able to dedicate as much time to family and friends as you’d like.

3. Your health may be affected. Two jobs may double your tension, possibly increasing stress levels, blood pressure, exhaustion and depression. There’s also the added physical discomfort for job seekers who work part-time jobs in industries that demand physical labor.

4. You have less time for your job search. If you’re not one of the lucky job seekers asked to come aboard full time, working two part-time jobs takes away from your job search, which should be treated as a full-time job. Plus, when you do find a full-time job, remember that you’ll have to submit your notice to two bosses instead of one.

5. Your schedule isn’t guaranteed. Though you give both of your part-time employers your availability, your schedule is never guaranteed in a part-time position. So you may look unreliable when one of your employers asks you to stay late to finish a project and you decline because you need to get to your other job.
One item to note: if you are interviewing for a regular full-time opportunity, make sure it is very clear in your resume and any other communications that these are part-time jobs. And if possible make both employers aware of your job search. Your potential employer should not have any doubts about your loyalty. And knowing you’re serious about finding a full-time position may encourage one of your current employers to make an offer.

After reading the pros and cons of working multiple part-time jobs, would you consider accepting another?

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