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Billionaire Chris Kirubi Advice On Starting A Business

Chris Kirubi
If someone should be giving advice to young people on how to make it in the world of business, then it should be from none other than multi billionaire Chris Kirubi. The man has had immense success in real
estate, manufacturing, investments and surprisingly enough, a DJ at Capital FM where he goes by the name DJ CK.
I don’t know how many followers you have on Twitter but I doubt you will be beating him any time soon. He currently has 118,697 followers… yeah, good luck with that.

So, how does a young person venture into the world of business? Chris advises graduates that the best businesses are those that they start with friends in college or campus.
What about capital you ask……. The issue of capital should not arise. Don’t’ take too much risk, after research, advice from friends and experienced people about your project, go ahead and implement your concept,” advices the billionaire.

And as you may know from now, there are no enough jobs for Kenyans out there. Chris acknowledges the very same issue of unemployment and asks jobless youths to not give up and use their knowledge to create opportunities which will create jobs for others.

But wait a minute, do you just wake up one day and out of nowhere you want to start ‘any’ kind of business? ……..That’s no way to go about it according to Chris.
“Before you get into any venture educate yourself. I always say, it is better to have information and not need it, than to require it and not know it. Therefore learn the business and the market dynamics, understand the key players and how you will interact with them, and then make an effort to know the regulations governing that industry. You may also need to learn how to read financial statements as this puts the power back in your hands,” he says.

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