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Broken MKU elevator causes panic among students.

Five students escaped unhurt after their lift jammed.
However, the students of Mt Kenya University’s school of business, Annex branch, were left in shock.
Sources told The Standard Campus Vibe that the students were on the lift to the seventh floor but on reaching the sixth, the elevator suddenly slid back to the basement.
Security officers ran to the place to take students to safety.
“The lift has been malfunctioning and the institution knows about it. It is time attention is given to this piece of technology that most of us take for granted, but which holds the power to kill and frighten. I hate lifts. I would never go in there on my own,” a student told The Standard Campus Vibe.
A security officer said: “Elevator cables are what pull an elevator up and down the shaft. If the safeties failed, you would be plummeting rapidly, but you wouldn’t quite be in a free fall. We thank God the rooftop did not fall on them.”

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