I'm not feeling too good about my degree- Should I choose electrical engineering or Computer engineering?

It must be a very tough decision for you choosing between computer engineering and Electrical engineering.

If you love programming just as much as you like circuitry, digital design, etc. Then Ultimately it comes down to EE ( electrical engineering) because it seems to me that most Computer engineers end up working in some sort of computer science/software-oriented type of job, seeing as how software jobs seem to have MUCH more job opportunities compared to hardware (from what I've seen, there's at least 5 internship//full-time postings for software for every 1 hardware). I feel like in a lot of cases with Computer engineering, you would end up being a code expert, and which means you would be staring a hundreds/thousands of lines of
codes for 8+ hours a day.

It sounds like EE is the right place for you. If it turns out that you want a more software oriented job, you can always get a Masters in the software side- or learn to code by the side, and use it to move forward in your career.

Ordinarily, you shouldn't be worried about a Masters or a Ph.D. at this time. Get your Bachelors and then work for a bit before deciding to go to graduate school. You should only go for a Ph.D. if you have a passion for research and then you will find that you are not pigeonholed at all. however, getting a Ph.D. takes a pretty long time and you need to be sure about it before starting.

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