Is a Masters in Computer Science Worth It?

Question: I'd only be doing it for financial gains and better job opportunities. However I've heard that many companies are becoming skeptical as to whether cs masters are better hires than cs bachelors. However this probably only applies to people who didn't get a bachelors in cs in the first place. If I do get a bachelors in cs are the benefits of a masters worth staying in school and delaying industry experience? This would be important for me so I can decide whether to focus on co-op/internships or research in undergrad.

Answer.  It's typically not if you are graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Industry experience will be much more valuable right out of school. Perhaps later down the road it may make sense to go for a
masters (higher pay, employment opportunities, PhD test run, etc...) if you find yourself being limited.

In actual fact, You won't be paid more because you have a piece of paper that says Master of Computer Science. If you actually learn something of practical value in the Masters program, that should at least give you an edge over other job candidates, and possibly more money. 

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