Is Petroleum Engineering a good major to get into now?? HELP

Question: I just cleared my high school and will be graduating and going to college soon , and since I was in high school I always wanted to be a petro engineer. But as I'm doing more research I'm seeing that the job market has dropped. I just really need some opinions to see if when I graduated university in 2018 I would be able to get a job let alone a good paying one. And please help soon I need as much info asap I will be sending out applications soon and I need to know if I should change the degree I picked.

Answer: The job market is going to be impossible to predicted in 5 years but I do believe the petroleum engineering market is going to be lucrative, especially with the discovery of oil in Turkana and Northern Kenya, as well as the geothermal drilling projects taking place in Kenya. If you are passionate about
petroleum engineering and committed to getting good grades, I don't see there being an issue. Even if we stopped drilling tomorrow (which we won't), there we still be a demand for petroleum engineers to develop fields.

You can also help make yourself more indispensable by the classes you take and your academic focus. I'd say right now one of the hottest new topics is petroleum engineering. That kind of stuff will be around for a while.

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  1. I'd love to take this course... i graduated from high school and got an A..... I'd like to get advice on this course.. is it still marketable.. please email me at iankiprotich18@yahoo. com