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Maseno University denies student hostel shortage.

Maseno University has said it has enough accomodation for its students. Director of Communication Jasper Otieno dismissed allegation of acute shortage of accommodation and lecture halls.
"There is no student in Maseno University who sleep in tent. All the students who secured University accommodation reside in the University hostels," he said.
Otieno was reacting to claims that the shortage has forces some students to use tents for group discussions,
private studies and some tutorials.
He said students who are not accomodated are allowed to seek alternative accomodation in apartments outside the campus.
"The university only charges Sh2,900 per semester per student as accomodation fee and those who pay but are not allocated rooms get refunds," Otieno said.
He said students who reside in private hostels pay different charges as charged by the landlords. "This depends on their agreement with the landlords as it is private agreement," Otieno said.
He said the university accommodates more than 4000 student in its hostels. "This enables the students to complete their programmes and graduate in time a head of others admitted at the same time," Otieno said.
He said the institution has partnered with the private sector under Public Private Partnership to develop students' accommodation facilities.

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