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President Kenyatta unlikely to appear at ICC.

Even as African heads of state prepare to gather for an African Union summit on Saturday, where they could debate the possible exit of some African countries from the International Criminal Court, Kenyan officials are warning that President Uhuru Kenyatta may not appear in person at The Hague next month for his trial.
"He has cooperated fully with the court up until now," Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed told a news conference held in front of the president's downtown Nairobi office on Wednesday. She was referring to past
ICC hearings before Kenya's presidential election in March.

Mohamed underscored the contrast between then - when Kenyatta was the country's deputy prime-minister and a presidential candidate - and now, when he is president of East Africa's most powerful country, which faces a rising
threat posed by al-Shabab rebels who are fighting Kenyan forces in neighbouring Somalia.

"Are the circumstances different? Absolutely. Totally. Completely different. Before he wasn't the head of state of the republic. ... It's going to be the first time that a sitting head is brought before any court of any time, not just here but anywhere in the world," Mohamed said.

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