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Senator Naisula Lesuuda talks of her journey to the top.

The 29 years old is a nominated senator and a peace ambassador with Peace Caravana and Naisula Lesuuda Foundation is one young woman who is doing amazing things in Kenya.

Naisula Lesuuda
She was a journalist before she became a politician. A news anchor and a morning show host at KBC, during which time she was assigned stories in Samburu and other marginalized areas where she saw all sorts of problems on the ground and felt she had to do something about it.

True to her word, she resigned from KBC in 2010 to fully dedicate herself to the Peace Caravan initiative where she and other leaders talked and shared with the locals with an aim of bring peace.

It is through this initiative that she found her way to politics and later to the senate as a nominated member of the  Jubilee Alliance as she opened up to True Love magazine.
What is the peace Caravan all about?
It came in 2009 when most areas were warring and she felt that travelling with leaders to these places would help unite the communities. They would get to see how good we were working together despite our different ethnic identities. We would talk and share with the locals and thank to the initiative, there is peace in these areas now. That is a blessing.

Did she think she would get into politics?
She always wanted to be either a journalist or a diplomat. Besides media the only other place she took her CV was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She never thought she would end up in politics. However, her friends might have seen some qualities in her since they always referred to her as ‘Mheshimiwa.”

Was she ever engaged in politics before?
Earlier in the year, she was involved in president Uhuru’s campaign in Samburu. Something about the youth taking over leadership sold her.

How is her experience in politics?
Being a woman in politics is hard. Sadly tit is the society we live in. Some people do not appreciate how much effort it takes and they put it down to someone somewhere pulling strings for you. Women are judged too harshly, I think. When she joined the senate, she was nervous at first as she was dealing with people with great experience. However, once they saw the way she presented her ideas, she earned respect.

What’s her take on the many online stories about her?
Rumours and hearsay is the norm in her life. She has heard ridiculous stories about herself. Some are totally baseless. It is funny how people you haven’t ever interacted with think they know you immediately. Fortunately, she grew up with a strong character.

What does success mean to her?
I consider myself successful. Success doesn’t mean wealth and riches. To her it means finally getting what you want, being able to influence people and change lives – the fact that there is a girl out there somewhere who is inspired by what I do.

How does she spend her free time?
She haven’t had much time to relax this year. Since her nomination she has been working nonb- stop. There is hardly any free time. Her days are structured and can start as early as 6am and end as late as midnight. When she gets free time she sleeps.

What is the best piece of advice she ever got?
Her dad Jacob once told her that “Never rush into anything. Life has its own stages. Also don’t be envious of others because when you work hard at something, you will achieve success.”

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