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Postponed Raila swearing in will not derail reforms.

Raila Odinga was to be sworn in tomorrow as the People's President of Kenya. To his supporters, Raila is the center of gravity of kenya...

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Are Math and Computer Science graduates marketable. What is their start pay?

Math and Computer Science graduates can work in many industries; Fiance and banking, data and statistics field, in telecommunications sector, as well as in economics. Because the fields are complementary, most Math students tend to do well in Computer Science and vice versa. However, on the downside, there are thousands graduates in these fields, and so, you really have to stand out to get noticed. Perhaps practicing
more programming skills on your own, or some other way like networking,or 'kujuana', which I don't think is bad, so long as you know how o use it well. Also, having a few extra-curricular activities can get you in the door of your dream employer.

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