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Between Public Universities and Private ones, which ones produce better graduates?

Even though nearly all the universities in Kenya have more or else the same standards of education, there are some distinct differences that many employers identify in the two sets of graduates. Since public universities are generally much older, and also receive funding from the government, they are likely to offer more science and , medical and engineering courses. Therefore, the proportion of public university graduates in these fields is large. However, private universities have excelled in the areas of business, communications and media, Information Technology and Computer Science, and the Arts.
In general also, Private University students- Strathmore, USIU, Daystar, Africa Nazarene, Catholic University and the likes, tend to have better communication skills, are more confident, and can pass their ideas more clearly than  similar public university students. However, this may have more to do with their
upbringing, at least most private university students are from middle class to rich families. Their career and student advice departments are also more resourced and advise students accordingly, as opposed to the public universities where many times, the students are left on their own to figure out a way forward for their careers.

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