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Can I transfer to a private university from a public university in my second year? Are private universities better than public universities?

You can, although private universities and public universities have some distinct differenecs, which may make the transfer harder, or will force your to start afresh. Many private universities use the GPA system, which which is quite different from public universities that sue the numeric system to grade candidates.. Secdonly, private universities accept stduents froma wide range of educational systems, as opposed to public univesities that mainly attract those who pass the KCSE exam. Having said that, many private university stduents have been shown to be great in communication skills, a bit more confident, and are more likely to pursue a career in the media, arts,. business or information technology. Public university students on the other hand, though
brilliant, are less confident, and have less communication skills. However, I suspect that this has more to do with their backgrounds, more private university stduents are from middle to rich abckgrounds as opposed to public university stduents some of whom may not have had that much of an exposure.  

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