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How can I apply and get a scholarship to a Chinese University?

Most scholarships to Chinese Universities are conducted through the ministry of education, as they are government to government arrangements. Most are also about studying in the science and engineering fields. The undergraduate scholarships are usually advertised through the press, and usually require that you get a grade A or A-. However, you can apply individually to other Chinese universities and pay a full amount, usually in the region of Kshs.500,000 per month, excluding living expenses. You will normally need a C+ for that. Once enrolled in a Chinese university, you will spend a few semesters or even a whole year , first
mastering the basics of the Chinese dialects such as Manadarin, that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. However, most of the scholarships are offered for the postgraduate courses, and this is usually a government to government arrangement, or a university to university arrangement.

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