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How can I apply to South African Universities and get a scholarship?

South African universities offer nearly the same quality of education as many Western universities, but just at a fraction of the cost. In the webometrics ranking of universities, South African universities usually take eight of the top ten slots in Africa. Leading universities in South Africa include University of Cape Town, University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg, Stellenbosch University amongst other universities. Some of the universities may require that you sit for a foundational course of a six or eight months, because the Kenyan education system is slightly different form the South African one. Also, since Kenya is not a member of the Southern African development Co-operation- SADC, Kenyan students have to pay a higher fee than
other students that come from the neighboring countries. Immigration has also been a recurring issue in South Africa, and South Africans may not be too comfortable with many immigrants to the country, but at least for highly skilled workers, the country is still safe.

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