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I want to set up an IT company while still a stdunet. Will it affect my performance in class?

If you want to set up an IT start-up company while still a student, and believe you have the idea, and the necessary resources to do so, then you should start right ahead. However, you should start first as a hobby in your spare time, let's say in the evenings and in the weekends, or in the days when you have long sessions before you have another lecture. Even as you work on your idea, don't quit school just yet, better still, you could ask for assistance from the many incubation centers in Nairobi, or around the country. It is better to start the enterprise while still young because, first, you can make use of the cheap resources around campus, the
programmers you hire will likely be fellow students, and will only demand a small stipend as opposed to someone that is outside who has bills to pay and will demand a real working wage.

Also, internet is free, and the premises are almost free, making for a perfect combination to start a company if you so wish. If you have tested your idea, and it is gaining some traction and even beginning to attract a few users of the service you are offering, then you could incorporate the company, and use the much free time you have to run the company when not in the lectures. If you really believe that the idea has gained traction that you need to concentrate on it full time, then you can request the university to give you a deferral, or opt for the evening parallel program as you scale up the company. .

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