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Is it better to take up a job in the civil service or in the private companies?

A job in the civil service comes with job security, an average but at least a reasonable wage, and a very flexible working life balance, sometimes even you can take a leave of absence to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Also, you will almost instantly get a loan from any bank, and if you are development conscious, then you get ahead. On the other hand,  sadly there is the negative connotation of civil servants being being 'lazy', which is not entirely true, but on the whole, those in private companies are more hardworking than civil servants. On the other hand, in a private company job, you will likely work for long
hours, sometimes interfering with the work life balance. The pay is high for the most talented workers, and they could rise up the career ladder pretty fast, but you could just as well arrive on the gate and be told to pack up your bags and leave by the watchman, so, the job security in private companies is not that guaranteed, especially in an age where companies want to slash their costs every other day. So, you make the choice.

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