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Uhuruto have become perfect Moi Students

Former president moi said that kanu would rule for 100 years. what he meant is that even if not in name, kanu would rule by ideology. As...

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Is it true that in many public universities it is teaching asistants who conduct lectures and not full lecturers?

In normal circumstances, the teaching assistants are there to conduct remedial lessons, and assist students in areas where they did not understand. Most teaching assistants normally happen to be students who have just cleared campus, and are mostly starting their masters degrees. While initially many teaching assistants doubled up as lecturers, many universities have moved quickly to tighten up the teaching standards, and only PhD holders are being allowed to teach. At Kenyatta and JKUAT universities for assistance, there has been
a deliberate attempt to increase the number of teaching of PhD holding lecturers by giving full scholarships to First class students, and fast tracking their postgraduate courses. I believe this a trend that is also being emulated by other universities. Teaching assistants are only there to help in the remedial lessons, and if

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