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Is it true that most jobs in industrial area pay a starting salary of Kshs.15,000?

While 15,000 per month may seem a bit on the low, the jobs in industrial area mostly pay below what you might have expected to be paid as a graduate from college or university. However, many of the industrial area employers argue that they give you skills that many employers would readily hire you. For many graduates, industrial area is a springboard to apply for future jobs, and many are readily absorbed by parastatals, the civil service, and leading private companies. So, we can say that most graduates do take the
industrial area jobs, one for gaining on the ground skills, especially for technical jobs,and secondly, to get some pocket money as they are straight out of campus, which enables them to apply for other meaningful jobs elsewhere. However, there are also a few decent industrial area employers, though the image generally of industrial area is one of low pay and lots of work.

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