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Is it true that most lecture halls in public universities are usually overcrowded?

As the number of students in public universities has risen, so too has been the admission rates of universities. For example, while just about six years ago an average of just 10,000 students were admitted through the Joint admissions board- JAB, the intake for last year was in the region of 50,000. If you add the number of students that have enrolled in the parallel degree programs, then the student population is quite high. True, some universities have built facilities and more lecture halls, but more needs to be done so that the quality of
eventual graduates does not go down. However, that said, there are some units that are common, and will be overcrowded. Common units such as communication skills, development studies and the likes will likely be taken by all students regardless of their degree choice. This happens at UON, at Moi, KU, Strathmore, just as it happens at Harvard, Oxford, or any other university in this world.

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