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What are the 3 most important things to pay attention to as I start my own small company while still a student?

As a stduent, when you want to start yur own company, it would be better to have these three things in order.

1. Get the right partners.
The success of your new venture will hinge not just on your talents and skills you bring to the table, but on the partners and employees taht you work with. Choose partners that are complementary rather than uniform or competitive. For example, if you are great in technical programming skills, find someone who is great in marketing that will hep you sell the product and create its awareness.

2. Raise capital. 

You can raise capital from friends, families, or from the many incubation funds sprining up, or your own
university might fund you small amounts of money if your idea seems innovative enough.

3. Protect your copyright.
If you are working in an IT product, or any innovative product, protect your idea by having your partners sign non disclosure agreements, and also patenting your idea if you think it is unique enough.

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