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Uhuruto have become perfect Moi Students

Former president moi said that kanu would rule for 100 years. what he meant is that even if not in name, kanu would rule by ideology. As...

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What are some of the leading careers that are set to grow in the next few years?

The careers that are most likely to grow in the enxt five to ten years will be careers in the following areas ( my opinion):

1. Security,. defence and terrorism studies.
2. Early childhood and kindargaten teaching.
3. Foreign languages especially Chinese- mandarin, and French and Kiswahili.
4. Data sciences and analysis as more and more of our lives depend on numbers and data.

5. Energy studies/ engineeirng- As Kenya and teh region look for more sources of energy from oil, geothermal, wind, solar amongst otehr forms of energy.

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