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What percentage does the First Year grades account for in the final degree class or GPA?

It depends in the university in which you have enrolled in. In some universities, grades in First Year account for only 5 percent of the total grade. In others, First years grades account for much the same weight as any other year. In other universities, First Year and Second year grades are weighted together, and then reduced to a smaller proportion as to the third, fourth, and fifth or sixth year grades for engineering, and architecture
students. In private universities however, the weighting is not done on a year on on year basis, but rather, on GPA. For example, a unit could be weighted 100meaning it is very basic, then 200, and the hardest units rated at 400. For such universities, an overall of A is usually a 3.5 GPA, which is equivalent to a First Class Honors in public universities.

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