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When applying for a job, what exactly does a personality test measure? How can I prepare for it?

Different people have different personalities and temperaments. Some jobs are more suitable to people with certain personalities than others, that's why a company would want to find out if your personality is a fit for the job. Given, all of us have at least a trait that can be attributed to a certain personality, but it is the blend and the mix of the traits that determines our personalities. So, for example, if you are introverted, you may be a detail oriented person, who likes order, and could excel in careers like accounting, or data analysis.
Equally, if you are extroverted, and are more outgoing, you could excel in careers like marketing. There is nothing much you can do to prepare for a personality test, as it is basically just a reflection of who you are, may be you could prepare for an aptitude test, but I doubt that your personality can change no matter how much you prepare to take the test.

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