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Which are some of the careers that one can get rich quickly while still young?

Most of the jobs one can get a high salary while still young, and even rise to the middle or top management in their early to late thirties are in the commerce, finance and related fields. Two years ago, a salary survey by the Pricewaterhousecoopers- PWC, showed that in general, finance professionals were the highest paid corporate executives in Kenya. IT and programmers who are exceptionally good may also rise fast,and the
general age for  IT managers is in fact in the late twenties to late thirties. However, the downside is that thees two careers also graduate far many more students, and thus, only the very best, most astute, and are able to cultivate networks are able to rise to the very top. For the few that get to the top, they not only command salaries that are mouthwatering in Kenya, but also in the world.

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