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Postponed Raila swearing in will not derail reforms.

Raila Odinga was to be sworn in tomorrow as the People's President of Kenya. To his supporters, Raila is the center of gravity of kenya...

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Which universities in kenya are the best according to the world university rankings?

Kenyan universities are nearly all the same in terms of the quality of education. Your degree specialization is actually much more important than the university you attended. However, small differences remain in quality. According to the webometrics world ranking of universities, the University Of Nairobi has consistently been rated top, followed by either Strathmore, Kenyatta University, JKUAT, Moi, Egerton, USIU, in one way or the other. However, the rankings mainly measure a universities presence on the web, so, it may be
misleading. Also, some universities are known for certain fields more than others. This may be subjective- just to point out, for example, Strathmore is well known in Business, UON in medicine, and across many other disciplines, KU in teaching and education courses, JKUAT in engineering and computer Science, Daystar in media studies and so on. These are all perceptions, and there have been no definitive studies to carry out the actual rates of employments among the graduates form the different universities.

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