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Uhuruto have become perfect Moi Students

Former president moi said that kanu would rule for 100 years. what he meant is that even if not in name, kanu would rule by ideology. As...

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Africa: The puzzle for investors.

Africa's markets are no doubt fragmented. This means that for an
investor, picking which country to invest in can be a hard nut to
crack. Many international investors however group Africa into East,
West,South,North and Central African region to invest in. For many
investors, it appears that key indicators such as ease of doing
business are key determinants to their investment decisions. For
others, it is acquiring nimble and successful start ups. According to
a recent report, the level of mergers and acquisitions globally was on
a seven year high last year. The key then for large scale and
successful investment in Africa is to find a successful local partner
rather than starting from scratch.

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