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Assessing Jubilee's score card ahead of rally.

One and a half years ago, the Jubilee administration rode into power.
It was a culmination of a sleek campaign that had seen the party
elected to power against all odds. Pundits believe that the ICC cases
energised the Jubilee support base, something which Cord had not
factored in its calculations. So,a year and a half later, and on the
day of the saba saba rally, what is Jubilee's score card? For one,
Jubilee has improved the climate for doing business. New businesses
will now be registered in just 24 hours, and the clearance at the port
of Mombasa has been enhanced. Cargo now takes just a matter of days to
be cleared. However, challenges still remain. The laptops haven't been
rolled out, corruption has still not been curbed, and most of all,
stability and unity must be enhanced. However these are genuine
problems that President Kenyatta himself has reiterated that he will
be addressing. What may then be of utmost importance is to ensure
that, peace, stability, and security is enhanced.

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