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Bitange Ndemo's take on Kenyan economy and innovation.

That Bitange Ndemo is the one of the most brilliant Kenyans is not in
doubt. In an opinion piece in the Daily Nation on Monday, Mr. Ndemo
calls for speedy innovations in the Kenyan education system. What he
specifically asks for is for an introduction of an endowment fund to
cater for the bright but needy students. It must be a real shame that
Kenya's oldest schools such as Alliance High school do not have an
endowment fund. Quite noteworthy, the Kenya High school is soon set to
launch an endowment fund that will enable about 300 needy students
every year to attend school on a free ride. Education is one of the
great equalisers and if a way could be found to make the neediest of
students attend school for free, then the Kenyan economy stands to
gain a lot. Our universities too must follow suit and establish
endowment funds that will ensure that needy students are catered for,
and in a way ensure that no Kenyan child is left behind regardless of
their economic background.

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