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Bringing meaning to national dialogue.

Today, Cord supporters will throng Uhuru Park to hear speeches from
their party leaders. Already, many Kenyans don't know what the rally
will hold, and many will continue to offer prayers that the rally is
peaceful. Cord hopes that it will force the government to act on the
promises it made to Kenyans. Sure, Jubilee made many promises, many of
which are yet to be fulfilled. For instance, primary school kids are
still waiting for their laptops. Also, the construction of the
standard gauge railway is yet to start. However, sober people will
agree that a rally is not the place to solve such issues. Even then,
according to Reverend Timothy Njoya, Jubilee is now distracted as
instead of governing the country, it is now reduced to answering Cord.
This is playing into Cord's hands and the Kenyatta administration
strategists would be better advised to govern the country, even as the
Jubilee party structures look for a way to answer Cord back.

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