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China fuelling South Sudan chaos- Report.

China has long described itself as a friend of Africa. It has invested
heavily in Africa's infrastructure, although critics claim that the
investment in Africa is mainly driven by China's resource needs rather
than a genuine desire to see Africa grow. According to a new report,
China has been supplying weapons to South Sudan to the tune of 38
million dollars. This is bad PR for China which wants to be seen as
different from Western countries which have been accused of fueling
conflict in Africa. African thought leaders such as Zambian economist
Dr.Dambisa Moyo have praised China's engagement with Africa, but in
the face of growing evidence of Chinese malpractices in Africa, she
might have to change her views. Former Nigerian central bank governor
Lamido Sanusi Lamido, in an opinion piece in the Financial Times last
year warned Africa to be wary of China as it was dumping industrial
goods in Africa. So then, Africa must not look East or West, but
rather to itself.

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