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Cord and the dilemma of African opposition parties.

Are African Opposition parties in a state of turmoil? Probably. Fewer
and fewer opposition parties are winning elections in africa. The
opposition parties actively need to rebrand. First, they must cease
being viewed as western agents. The funding of the opposition parties
is still somethimg that has not been addrressed. Certainly, this has
made African opposition parties to be synonimous with NGOs. Even then,
African opposition parties have not provided differing policy points,
further making it difficult for them to criticise the sitting
government. Few of the opposition parties have a shadow cabinet, and
this has made it even harder for them to be accountable to their
supporters. For Morgan Tsvangirai or Kizza Besigye, or Raila Odinga
then, the challenge is in keeping the government in check without
disturbing the peace and stability of the country, and more crucially,
without being seen as western agents or traitors.

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