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Five lessons Kenyan(and African) leaders could draw from China.

China has a lot to teach Kenya, Africa, and the developing world in
general. First, that democracy is not the end and be all of everything
especially in poor developing countries. So, then for Kenya and
African countries, what matters most is stability. This is one of the
reasons that investors have continued to flock to China, since they
are assured that their investments will be in place regardless of
which leader is in power. Secondly, that state directed development
matters a great deal and due to this Chinese companies such as
alibaba, Weibo, tencent, and lenovo have gone global. Third,
corruption is not tolerated and those found engaging in the vice are
handed lengthy prison sentences. Fourth, the education system
emphasises such confucian values as hard work and patriotism. Finally,
even in an information age, the growth of manufacturing and the
agricultural sector still matters. It is for no other reason that
China's economy has grown by double digit rates in the past 30 years.

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