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How africa can claim the 21st century.

In the last ten years, the story of Africa has has been changing from
one of war,disease, and poverty, to one of sunny outlook and growth.
Already, the continent is home to six of the ten fastest economies in
the world. Moreover, more gas and oil reserves continue to be
discovered in many parts of Africa, most notably in Central and
Eastern Africa. In fact, the whole of Eastern Africa coast is reputed
to sit on huge hydrocarbon deposits. Therefore, the prudent management
of the oil and mineral resources must be given utmost priority. Some
countries such as Botswana have a budget surplus as a result of the
prudent management of the country's diamond resources. Also, the
continent's stability must be enhanced and the elections times must
not be times of instability. When coupled with solid investments in
the agricultural, infrastructure, health and education sectors, this
should see the continent's millions of people be lifted out of

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