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How Kenya can lead Africa in Technology.

The tech sector in kenya is undergoing tremendous changes. Perhaps,
Kenya's best known tech innovation export is MPESA, in which at least
a trillion shillings are transacted every year. However, mpesa is not
the only innovation from Kenya. There are numerous innovations that
have sprung up, most notably, in the field of mobile apps. To
consolidate these gains, more needs to be done. One, access to funding
still remains a major obstacle to most start ups. In these, incubation
hubs such as Ihub or Nailab, or in deed, the soon to be disbursed
uwezo fund are to be lauded. In this then the start ups will gain not
only the capital, but also the necessary mentorship and contacts.
Second, intellectual property laws must ensure that patents are
protected. This should see more innovators gain from their hard work.
Most importantly, the universities and colleges must churn out
graduates that are talented and have the necessary practical skills.
Only then will the dream of the Africa Silicon Savannah ring true.

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