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How Kenyan companies conquered the Eastern Africa market.

Kenyan companies are spreading their wings around Eastern Africa at an
unprecedented pace. Consider that KCB bank continued to operate all
but three branches at the height of the ethnic conflict in South
Sudan. Many Kenyan companies are opening up branches in Rwanda,
Uganda, South Sudan, and Tanzania at fast speeds. At the moment banks
seem to be leading the fray, but universities, media houses and
related firms seem to be following closely behind. For instance, Mount
Kenya University-MKU, has campuses as far as Rwanda. To this end,
Kenyan companies will need to invest in top notch talent to be assured
of this expansion into the region. According to a recent human capital
report by pricewaterhousecoopers-PWC, top talent is getting scarce,
and companies will have to spend more time and resources to nurture
this top level talent. Or as the late great management guru Peter
Drucker says, knowledge and human capital are going to be the only
determinants of a company's prosperity.

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