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ICC Status Conference- What is the future of ICC in Africa.

The international criminal court- ICC, is had had some credibility problems in Africa in the recent years. True, Africa is the most conflict prone continent in the world. There are more coups and conflicts in Africa than in any other place in the world. So, many pundits had hoped that the ICC would at least be a drawback to the many escalating conflicts in the continent. However, the fact that almost all those facing trials are from
Africa shows that the ICC may not have been too fair in its handling of the international crimes. As the ICC status conference meets today, many will be asking whether the court has the moral capital to try the most heinous of crimes committed in Africa.

The ICC status conference to be held today is one of President Uhuru Kenyatta, in which the court was compelling the President to unveil his financial records, to which the state through the attorney General did not feel that this was necessary. Many agree that President Kenyatta's cases will likely be thrown out sooner rather than later, although the one for William Ruto may take a little longer. Even then, the African criminal court will do well to take over the most heinous of crimes committed in Africa, as they would likely understand the scope and context of such cases, much more deeply than the ICC.

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