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Is Nderitu Gachagwa and Colonel Rasanga the unsung heroes.

While Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua continues to enjoy all the
limelight as the frontrunner governor, could it be that the media is
ignoring other equally worthy governors? First, there is Siaya
governor Colonel Rasanga, who wants to transform Siaya into a great
agricultural county. Currently, Siaya imports milk, vegetables, maize
and many basic food commodities from Rift Valley, Western, and Kisii,
and this has severely affected the food security of the region. Across
the aisle, Nyeri governor has reenergised his efforts on the
agricultural sector, mainly the coffee and tea sector. Recently, the
Nyeri county government made plans to sell its coffee directly to
buyers in the US, therefore eliminating middlemen and getting more
income in the process. Who knows, in future, the county could sell the
coffee directly to retailers such as Starbucks. If the two governors
maintain on the development path, then they could be first among
equals in Kenya's set of governors.

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