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Kenyan US Illegal immigrants await fate after new law.

Kenyan illegal immigrants to the US may be in for trouble as the Obama
administration moves forward with plans to overhaul the whole
immigration system and make it harder for illegal immigrants to enter
the country. Although there is no definite number on the number of
Kenyans in the US, the figure could be as high as a million plus.
Typically, the most talented of workers, who work through the H1B
visa, a visa for highly skilled workers, will not be affected.
However, it is the undocumented workers who hold the majority of jobs
that will be affected by the new rules. Although the magic of America
on Kenyans continues to wane, thousands of Kenyans still continue to
immigrate to the country. According to the Central Bank, remittances
from Kenyans abroad is about a billion dollars every year, and Kenyan
banks are actively seeking ways to tap into these remmitance
transfers, which have been monopolised by such entities as Western
Union and Moneygram.

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